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6/9/12: CTA-GLBT Caucus David Sanchez Awards Dinner, Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles

4/1/12: Jamming With Dinah, Mango Lounge, Palm Springs

2/18/12: Richard Harris 70th Birthday Celebration, Los Angeles

01/16/11: Mama’s Hot Tamale Cafe – Los Angeles

02/23/11: Black History Celebration – DMV, Santa Monica

02/26/11: DMV’s Black Employees United for Equality (BEUFE) – Shangai Red’s Restaurant, Marina Del Rey

03/26/11: Amazing Woman’s Day Celebration – Skirball Center, Los Angeles

04/03/11: Lucy and Gail – Palm Springs

06/04/11: Retirement Celebration – Proud Bird Restaurant, Los Angeles

07/23/11: Harris Family Reunion – Doubletree Hotel, Culver City

02/14/10: Valentine’s Dance – Lucy and Gail , Palm Springs

02/25/10: Black History Celebration with Rose Royce – Los Angeles County Hall of Admin.

02/28/10: Black History Celebration – St. Paul Baptist Church, Los Angeles

03/20/10: Common Ground Fundraiser – Music Box, Los Angeles

2/28/09: Amazing Woman’s Day Congerence – Westlake Village

3/02/09: Dinner Party @Cheesecake Factory – Glendale

08/05/09: Memorial for Gerald Bell – St. Paul Baptist Church Los Angeles

02/22/08: Guest of Honor – Palms Elementary School (students are performing my poem, Reflections, in a play